Sunday, May 18, 2008

Was it Worth it?

So the aftermath of the birthday party was that Chris and I both ended up with migraine headaches. I had a headache yesterday morning when I woke up, but just had to push through to get things done for the party. And despite working doggedly for 2 days straight, I still ended up not doing a lot of things I had originally planned AND we were behind schedule (as usual). And we didn't even have a big party! Lord help us when we start having lots of other kids to invite.

Victoria (my sister-in-law) did all of the decorating, Tim (my brother) grilled all of the food, my parents hosted it at their house, and my mom did the grocery shopping and all of the other food preparation. All I really did was make cakes (and I had help with that too - thanks Melanie!). 5 cakes to be exact. Am I crazy? Yes, probably more than a tad at that. But as I pretty much collapsed into a heap when the party was over, I was talking with my mom about why I went through all of the trouble. And I was asking - was it worth it?

My mom reminded me why I decided to make and decorate cakes in the first place. I have pictures of me as a toddler with homemade decorated birthday cakes, and even though I have no memories of it in my brain, I have looked at those pictures thousands of times and LOVE them. So I do it for the pictures. For posterity. So that my children, when they get older, can say - my mom actually made these cakes. My MOM made them.

Will I continue the trend? I'm not sure. I imagine when they get a bit older I will let them pick the theme and help me decorate the cakes. Or if it all gets to be too much, I'll just order them or something. But for now, I am enjoying the finished product and the looks on the faces of my children (and party guests) when I bring out the cakes. And I would have to say, yes. It was worth it.

Pics to come soon...

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