Thursday, May 29, 2008

Birthday Wish

If I had one birthday wish, I wouldn't even have to think about what it would be. This particular thing trumps all others, and probably will for a looooong time. This thing is sleep. So it's not really a thing as much as a state of being, I suppose. There are plenty of other things I would like, such as:

  • A Day to Myself
  • A Massage
  • A Pedicure
  • A Burst of Energy (followed by a good workout)
  • A Clean House
  • A Good Attitude

And I can think of many more. Most of them are of the pampering sort. Or the less-work-for-me types of things. And as I don't see any of the above really happening, I will settle for a shared birthday family dinner (we have a LOT of May birthdays - two of my nephews also have today as a birthday). And my mom is making me my own cake (I chose coconut), even though that is one thing I really DON'T need (as my thighs and the scale can attest).

Though I am bleary-eyed, tight-muscled, a bit cranky, and a year older (oh no! I am halfway through my 30's), I am still blessed. I am thankful for what I have.

Now if I could just get a nap...

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