Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blake in the Snow

Blake was napping during the big boys' snow frolic, but once he got up I decided he needed to experience the snow as well. It took 15 minutes to bundle him up for 10 minutes of being outside, but it was worth it, even if just for the pictures.

I know his getup is crazy. Nothing matches here, but at least he's warm! The boots are like 4 sizes too big, but it was the best we could do at the time.
Not sure what to think about all this.
I guess it's not so bad!
What's this? You can eat it too?
I think I'll have some more.
And here's my "gog." This must be good!
Ahh...I think I like this.

Back to Snow

I'd rather have a foot of snow than an all-day rain. Even if it is much warmer than normal February weather should be. I just hate rain in the winter. It's winter. Let it snow! We had a few days of Spring-like weather, which was wonderful - the boys actually got to play outside two days in a row! But then this rain. Ick. At least today was sunny and not rainy. But here are some pictures from when we had snow and got to play out in it. Enjoy!

The first time on the snowy playset.
Down the snowy slide.
Making mounds of snow to jump in.
George licking the snow.
Josh taking his taste.
George attempting a snow angel, while his boot is falling off.
Josh catching his breath after running over to the tree.
Cheese! (George was too busy to join us, though I tried).
On the shaky bridge - so happy to be outside!
The spoils after playing hard in the snow: hot chocolate!
Josh with his happy chocolate grin.
George makes sure to get every bit of the delicious chocolate.