Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Hope I'm Not Jinxing Myself For Saying This...

But I think the boys are BOTH completely potty trained now! I know! How did that happen and I didn't say anything until now? Well, I have been working. And watching Olympics. That's my best excuse.

What really sealed it for me in my mind was when we went to Sam's Club on Saturday and they both used the restroom there FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. They have both gone at my parents' house, and church, but never in another public place. So this was the moment it dawned on me. Josh has been in underwear going on 2 weeks now (George for quite a bit longer). I think something must have clicked, because now he's telling us when he has to go. And they both stay dry overnight and everything. It's a wonderful thing. I even took back a whole un-opened box of training pants. I'm so proud.

In other news, Blake turned 7 months old yesterday with no fanfare whatsoever. Poor baby. He is changing more and more every day. He has started rocking when he's in a sitting position - it's SOO cute. Josh used to do that a lot as a baby too. He has more hair than both of his big brothers did combined at this age. And it's BLONDE. Not a bit red. Not right now, at least. It's harder to tell in pictures, as sometimes the lighting makes it look reddish tinted. But it's not. He's a blondie.

He's babbling a ton, and he's recently started hugging us - which melts our hearts entirely. He is loving his ExerSaucer, and eating new foods, and he is just a happy little guy.

I have so many things to write about, and I need to post some pictures and videos, but all of that takes time, you see. I am trying to get ready for a garage sale and a visit from Chris' parents. Plus I have MOPS deadlines. So my blogging has been put on the backburner for now.

Coming soon...my crunchy plan, homeschool preschool, Qigong, and much more. Oh, and pictures and videos. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Musings of Annoyance

I remember all of the unsolicited comments, questions and advice I received during my pregnancies. And most of the time I feel that I handled it pretty well, though at times I was annoyed (of course that happens much easier during pregnancy anyway). I didn't realize that once I became pregnant I would suddenly become part of a club where people would tell me their stories about pregnancy, babies, and the like. And it's not all bad, of course. But it just strikes me as funny how when you are noticably pregnant, complete strangers feel comfortable asking you personal questions.

So it struck me today that I have become one of those people. I am the annoying person asking questions like "Are you hoping for a girl this time?" And I feel compelled to tell stories about my pregnancy and my babies, even if the person hearing the information does not care or is in a hurry to get out of the conversation.

So I think to myself now - perhaps I should not be so quick to judge people as annoying. There is something that bonds people together in that common thread of parenting. And it is comforting to have people understand what you're going through because they've been there before. Even if it you have to endure the same question about 50 times.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Let the Games Begin (or continue, as it were)

I love the Olympics! It's making it very hard to accomplish anything in the evenings. I have so much to do, but I hate to miss anything. Last night, I was changing the baby, and happened to miss the much anticipated and wildly exciting Men's swimming relay where the U.S. shattered the World record and came back to win the gold by a hair. I heard Chris out in the livingroom (and it was of course the very end of the race), so I rushed out just in time to have missed the entire thing. I was a bit irked, to say the least, that Chris did NOT come get me to watch it, since he knows how much I love the games and knows I was interested in watching this event. I suppose I'll forgive him, and it didn't hurt that I got to watch parts of it about 3o times in a row immediately.

Chris and I wonder at times if our boys will be athletes. They have athleticism on both sides of the family, they are likely to be tall, and their parents love sports, so it stands to reason that we could end up with some kids gifted in that way. That is our hope, but even if they do not like sports AT ALL, we will love and support them. God has a plan and purpose for them no matter what.

But oh, to be the proud parents of an Olympic athlete. I bet many parents think about that in their daydreams. For now, we will watch with enthusiasm. And maybe when they come to Chicago we will try to attend some events live (if at all possible).

Looking forward to tonight's viewing...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Working Mom

I got a job! Well, sort of. I'll be working at Purdue as a part-time temp for a couple of months. I did a stint with them back in December-January (when I was hugely pregnant), and they need help again. And I'm already trained, so that makes me marketable to them. I am immensely grateful to my generous and willing parents who will be caring for my lovable and adorable children while I am at work. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

Now I know that many of you live for my regular updates (my delusion knows no bounds), but I wanted to give you a heads up that I *may* not be posting as much in the coming weeks. As I am also on the steering committee for my MOPS group, I have many deadlines and commitments with that as well. So it will be a juggling act for me, but I usually thrive on being busy and under pressure. Usually. So you may still see updates. But if not, you will know why.

Have you checked out the new fun things on the right side of the screen? I plan on continuing to add to that as time allows as well. So keep checking, dear readers, for I will not completely abandon you. This I vow. At least in theory. Well, I will try, anyway. Rambling. Oh goodnight.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bribing Bliss

So we have inconsistently been using bribery to get the boys to use the potty. My original plan was really complex, with varying levels of potty prizes depending on potty performance. I have since simplified the plan to consist of mini M&M's only for now. They each have a little cup of them. They get 1 for pee (on the big potty only, little potty gets none - I hate cleaning that thing out) and 2 for poo (1 for poo on the little potty - it's still better than changing a diaper!).

Here's my favorite part, which was mentioned to me yesterday as something a friend's mom used with her twin little sisters and worked great. Anytime they pee in their pants, the other child gets 1 M&M from their stash, and 2 for poo. This rule was instituted for Joshua, as George has been doing all potty all the time for a week now. George got one of Joshua's candies yesterday, and so far today Josh has used the potty twice (once was forced, the other one he said he had to go). Let's hope the system works long enough to get him used to going everytime.

Now I'm going to have to build in something for public restrooms, as George has a major fear of pottying in other places (other than church - he has done that twice! Well, and my parents house of course).

Josh just asked me if he could have a little dinosaur for going potty. I told him if he stayed dry until naptime, he'd get one. I figure I can bribe with stuff as long as I have it!