Monday, August 11, 2008

Let the Games Begin (or continue, as it were)

I love the Olympics! It's making it very hard to accomplish anything in the evenings. I have so much to do, but I hate to miss anything. Last night, I was changing the baby, and happened to miss the much anticipated and wildly exciting Men's swimming relay where the U.S. shattered the World record and came back to win the gold by a hair. I heard Chris out in the livingroom (and it was of course the very end of the race), so I rushed out just in time to have missed the entire thing. I was a bit irked, to say the least, that Chris did NOT come get me to watch it, since he knows how much I love the games and knows I was interested in watching this event. I suppose I'll forgive him, and it didn't hurt that I got to watch parts of it about 3o times in a row immediately.

Chris and I wonder at times if our boys will be athletes. They have athleticism on both sides of the family, they are likely to be tall, and their parents love sports, so it stands to reason that we could end up with some kids gifted in that way. That is our hope, but even if they do not like sports AT ALL, we will love and support them. God has a plan and purpose for them no matter what.

But oh, to be the proud parents of an Olympic athlete. I bet many parents think about that in their daydreams. For now, we will watch with enthusiasm. And maybe when they come to Chicago we will try to attend some events live (if at all possible).

Looking forward to tonight's viewing...

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Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Just found out the Y does 3yo soccer. Sorely tempted to get O involved. Maybe your twins could go to!