Monday, August 4, 2008

Bribing Bliss

So we have inconsistently been using bribery to get the boys to use the potty. My original plan was really complex, with varying levels of potty prizes depending on potty performance. I have since simplified the plan to consist of mini M&M's only for now. They each have a little cup of them. They get 1 for pee (on the big potty only, little potty gets none - I hate cleaning that thing out) and 2 for poo (1 for poo on the little potty - it's still better than changing a diaper!).

Here's my favorite part, which was mentioned to me yesterday as something a friend's mom used with her twin little sisters and worked great. Anytime they pee in their pants, the other child gets 1 M&M from their stash, and 2 for poo. This rule was instituted for Joshua, as George has been doing all potty all the time for a week now. George got one of Joshua's candies yesterday, and so far today Josh has used the potty twice (once was forced, the other one he said he had to go). Let's hope the system works long enough to get him used to going everytime.

Now I'm going to have to build in something for public restrooms, as George has a major fear of pottying in other places (other than church - he has done that twice! Well, and my parents house of course).

Josh just asked me if he could have a little dinosaur for going potty. I told him if he stayed dry until naptime, he'd get one. I figure I can bribe with stuff as long as I have it!


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

We're on another potty-training streak right now. O's motivation? "Gammy-beans". Jelly-bellies left here from the last time "Gammy" (Josh's mom) was here. When those were finished, we emailed her to inform her, and a couple days ago, a big bag arrived in the mail!

Past two days have been accident free...

And today (for the FIRST TIME), she told me WHILE IN THE CAR that she had to go.

Prior to that, I had never seen the bathroom inside the municipal sanitation department.

3BoyMommy said...

Yay O! Jelly Bellies are a big hit here too. Gotta love Gammy.