Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blake at 6 Months

My baby is 6 months old! Time is going by so fast. He changes every day, it seems. I knew his baby time would go by fast. And though I am curious to see how he will be when he's older, I wish I could hold onto the babyness longer. I love this age! I think 6-9 months is my favorite baby time. So here are his stats:

Weight - 17.8 pounds
Height - 26.75 inches
Around 50th percentile on the growth chart.

He's growing well, and the doctor is pleased with how he's doing. He's been eating cereal once a day for a couple of weeks, and I just introduced fruit over the past few days. So now begins a new chapter: the solid food adventure. I was hoping to be able to make his baby food from the homegrown produce in our garden, but our garden is doing poorly (this is a post for another day). I am still going to try and make most of his food though.

Other milestones: He is able to sit up unsupported for sometimes a couple of minutes at a time. He is getting a lot more verbal; he loves to shriek and squeal. He also notices things more and plays a lot more with his toys. He is starting to enjoy the ExerSaucer too, which is fun to watch.

Well, I'd like to keep going, but I have bigger fish to fry (2 of them, to be exact, and they are getting bored and destructive).

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J.B. said...

Aww! My little girl is almost seven months right now. It's so neat that you have a kid that's almost the same age as mine!