Monday, July 21, 2008

From Diapers Galore to Diapers No More

Okay, so it's not exactly like that, but it was such a good title I couldn't resist. We have officially begun potty training. In earnest. For real. It's true.

Today is our 3rd day. And although I don't trust them anywhere outside of our home, or in any other conditions (they have to be naked bottomed with a little potty chair in the livingroom for ease/speed/convenience, plus I have to make sure we take "potty breaks"), they are making progress. I have hope!

Joshua has really amazed me. He went from refusing (and this is euphemistic for kicking and screaming) all requests to staying dry all day Saturday, even overnight to Sunday. AND he went poop on the potty just this morning totally on his own. Yahoo!

We've cut our diaper usage (for the big boys only, of course) in half. Or less. We went from using 10-12 diapers a day to 2-6. We did go to church yesterday, and they are not quite at the place where they will tell someone they need to go potty. Plus they don't want to miss out on the playing to go to the bathroom - this is where I think our biggest challenge will be when we go anywhere.

We're not quite ready for public restrooms, underwear, or diaper-less outings, but hopefully we will be soon.

I have to interrupt now to report that George just stopped what he was doing to tell me "I have to go poo-poo!" And he went to the little potty and started pulling down his Pull-Up. I said "Do you need some help?" He replied "No Mom, I'm doing just great." And proceeded to do his business. When he was finished, he said "Are you so proud of me?" Yes, my darling, I am SO proud of you.

I feel I need to end it there, while we are on a potty high.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Oh, I HOPE HOPE HOPE it goes smoothly for you! I hope there is NO REGRESSION. After diapering twins for 3 years!! you need a QUICK TRANSITION to underwear. :-) Please, Lord, make it be so!

3BoyMommy said...

Amen to that!! And thank you for the moral support.