Monday, July 28, 2008

2 Steps Forward, 1.5 Steps Back

So George pooped on the potty yesterday. Why am I making special mention of this? It's happened before. Many times, in fact. This time was special because he went while we were at church. He actually asked told an adult (who was not Mommy or Daddy) that he had to go, and then that person took him and he actually went. Hooray! Progress! Or so I thought. Then we got home. And he peed in his pull-up, naptime diaper, and then, while standing on the stepstool "helping" me make dinner, he peed through his underwear and shorts, down his leg, down onto the stepstool, and into a puddle on the kitchen floor.
*exasperated sigh*

Joshua woke up dry 3 days in a row. And as long as he is either naked on the bottom half or forced to take a potty break, he does pretty well. Wow! We're getting somewhere! Or so I thought. About 10 minutes ago, with a naked bottom, he went over underneath his little table and pooped. Onto my carpet. He is now wearing a diaper.
*another exasperated sigh*

I ran across an advertisement for an e-book called "3-Day Potty Training." I am sorely tempted to buy it. Because this has been going on now for about 10 days or so. And they are certainly not "trained." But I don't have $24 to spend, especially on a gamble. So I suppose we'll just keep trying.

What worked for you? How did you get your kids toilet trained?

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The Hileman Family said...

Yet another test of patience that comes along with motherhood. Lauren was 3½ before she was trained totally and Abbey is nearly 3 and has ZERO interest in training. I wouldn't buy the book simply because they know what they're supposed to do and what it feels like. They just need to make the choice to do it right every time.
Positive praise and reminders that they are big kids and this is what big kids do is my advice. The two things that helped Lauren were the fact she could not go to preschool in diapers and putting her in layered panties and setting a timer for 20 minutes. Every 20 we went to the bathroom and tried to go. (I was pregnant at the time so I needed to go most of the time!) In a few days I checked her every 20 but didn't always go -- unless she had just had a drink and I knew her bladder was filling up.
It sure does suck up a lot of our lives changing diapers though. I'm with you there sister! When Abbey's trained, I'm done with that phase of life. I might throw a party -- for myself!