Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Are You Thankful For?

We were sitting at breakfast yesterday, drinking our green smoothies, and I starting talking about what Thanksgiving was all about (George wanted to dress up as a vampire, Josh wants to get presents - I needed to clarify). So I started telling them what I was thankful for that day: the sunshine, that our family is together and healthy, etc. So we went around the table so that everyone could say what they were thankful for. When I said to Blake, "And what are you thankful for, Blake?" Without missing a beat, he immediately responded, "Boothie!" (Smoothie)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

We debated about going to the pumpkin patch many times this season. We needed pumpkins, after all, and the experience of actually going to a patch is so much fun for the kids (okay, and the adults too). But when our craft at MOPS was painting pumpkins, which we got to take home with us, we decided it was not necessary to get anymore pumpkins. And when we ran out of money, we also decided it was not frugal or wise. And the boys were aware that we decided not to go to the pumpkin patch, as we already had pumpkins. They seemed accepting of that, especially since we said we'd for sure go next year.

But then during bedtime prayers on Thursday night before we went, George prayed that we wouldn't be too late to go to the pumpkin patch and get a pumpkin and carve it and eat the seeds. Talk about being stabbed in the heart! How could we refuse such an earnest, sweet prayer?! We decided we'd go, and do the most frugal option - ONE pumpkin for the whole family (put to a vote), plus the hayride for us all (kids were free, and we were $2 each). Total cost? $9.00

The enjoyment and quality time we had as a family? Priceless. See for yourself....

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