Sunday, February 20, 2011

Appreciating Good Health

Taking good health for granted is something I do quite a lot, I've found. At least, I used to. I'm beginning to be thankful for every day that I (and my family) am not sick. Since the twins have started Kindergarten, we have been sick more often than I can remember. From September through December, we were sick every time we turned around. Then after we got back from our holiday road trip (something that needs to be added here in another post), we were healthy for about a month. And it was glorious! As I type this, I am afflicted with the type A flu, a strep infection, and a ruptured eardrum. The eardrum thing has been the most difficult. Along with horrible pain, it has brought issues with equilibrium (dizziness/off balance), problems with chewing and jaw pain, and really disgusting drainage. It has kept me from being able to sleep, and I've had to get creative to keep water out of it for showering purposes. All of this from one little ear.

And as I reflect on this past week of a having house full of sickies, numerous co-pays, and a plethora of prescriptions, I am reminded of how many people are without insurance. I am thankful for good insurance. I am also reminded of how many people are dealing with chronic pain. I am thankful that my pain will go away. I am reminded of how many people are living with life-altering debilitating diseases which require much more than a doctor's visit can solve. I am thankful that my illnesses are treatable. I am reminded of how many people cannot afford the medicines to make them better, and simply do without so that they can feed their families. I am thankful for my husband's job.

Despite the pain and difficulties of this past week, God has blessed our family in many little ways, showing us that He does care and that He is present. A perfectly timed call from the doctor (on a Saturday!) allowed us to avoid a trip to Urgent Care with all of our sick kids. The fact that my parents were here to help during some of our worst days was a blessing I can't express enough gratitude for.

I am ready to feel better. I would like to get back to normal living. But even now, though I have a ways to go to get better, I am grateful that I have known so much good health throughout my life. And I hope to appreciate every day, healthy or not, as a gift from God.