Friday, January 30, 2009

Blake Turns One

I really can't believe my baby is a year old. So much so that I forgot his one-year doctor appointment yesterday - oops. I'll have to post his one year stats after his rescheduled appointment next week. His birthday party was fantastic. Mainly because his daddy got to come home for it! But also because there was chocolate cake, which I am a big fan of. And speaking of cake, I did manage to make the cakes myself, and was pleased with how they turned out. Plus I didn't spend a ton of time doing them, which will please my lovely sister-in-law (only 2 this time, Kjersten!). Here are some pictures of the grand event:

Uncle Tim is a fan of Blake's, and vice versa.
Blake and Daddy - such a joyous reunion!
Loving the thrill of Daddy's toss.
The cakes: the big one was from a cake pan my mom found at a garage sale, and the little on I made based on a picture we liked.
Before his first ever taste of cake (and chocolate!).
I think he likes it...
Yep, definitely need more...
This is yummy!
Celebrating his demolished cake. He's clapping for himself. So proud!
And VERY thirsty.
Feeling generous now. Here Daddy, have a bite!
See how good this is, Mommy?
Mamaw! You try!
All of my guys. I'm in such love!
Blake and Melanie bonding over the zipper on her top.
This one is worth adding because George took it.
Blake enjoyed the balloons immensely as well.
Showing Daddy how he can ride the horsey.
*sigh* My little baby is getting more boyish every day. And having two big brothers to keep up with makes his growth seem even more accelerated. I thank God for this blessing in our lives. He is truly a joy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Notes From the Quarantine

I really have no idea what caused me to wake from my dead sleep. But looking at the clock, I felt compelled to follow doctor's orders, so I got up. My body feels like lead, eyelids included. A dose of penicillin. A warm salt water gargle. Some Tylenol. It occurs to me that I forgot my Chloraseptic at my parents' house. Shucks. I let the dog out. I decide to eat a bit of soggy (on purpose) Life cereal just in case my stomach protests meds on an empty stomach, though I am not in the least hungry. A quick once over with a bare toothbrush (too lazy for paste), another gargle to use up the rest of the salt water, a quick post here, and I'm off to resume slumber in approximately 3...2...1............

Awake again, but still groggy. Very thirsty, and I'm thinking hungry too. So dehydrated. Today's goals are to wash all of the sheets and disinfect the whole house. We'll see how far I get. Perhaps I'll just blog from my bed all day. Though that would require some mental energy. I'll probably watch some of the inaugural coverage. First order of business - scrambled eggs and toast (so heavily buttered it's soft).

Could it be this late already? I've done nothing productive thus far. I did manage to paint my nails - I guess that didn't take as much energy as laundry. Food is going down a bit easier, on the throat anyway. But pretty much every time I eat, I feel slightly queasy afterward. And I'm starting to feel the crushing fatigue again. I think it's time for a nap.

1:45pm Wednesday
Another day where I've been in bed all day so far. Trying to rouse myself enough to make coffee and get ready to go see the kids. Feeling very guilty that I did not accomplish a single thing while I was home, but I guess taking care of myself counts for something. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like doing something productive? I hope so. Chris will be home tomorrow night (late) - he's coming for Blake's first birthday, which I'm not ready for in the least. Bad timing, illness! At least the quarantine is over. I just wish I felt better than I do. But I'm definitely better than I was. The great news (so far) is that it seems no one else in my family has contracted my germs. Praise God!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Going to Feel Really Stupid if...

this turns out to be just another cold, I had told the Urgent Care doctor before he examined me. I had also gone into the Urgent Care clinic on December 1st, complaining of my sore throat and wanting them to test me for strep. Negative. I was thankful, but feeling a bit bitter for spending the money for them to tell me that it just had to run its course. So last week when I woke up in the middle of the night to retrieve Josh's pillow and found that my throat was suddenly sore, I just figured it was another bad cold. The past several days I have been taking OTC medicines around the clock, trying to put out the flames in my throat and keep my headaches at bay. I have been so wiped out that I've stayed in bed for pretty much the past 3 days. Thank God for my parents, who have so willingly stepped in to care for my children (once again) as I have been completely non-functional.

They convinced me to go to the doctor today. I decided it would be better to pay the money and have peace of mind rather than have it be something bad and let it continue to get worse. And as it was 4:30pm before I got up from my most recent nap, I knew it would be too late to go to the regular doc. So I headed to Urgent Care again, feeling a bit sheepish. So when the doc first came in, he looked at my file and said that even though I had been here December 1st and it was negative for strep, I was still right to come in with the symptoms I had. He took one brief glance at my throat and made a serious wincing face - "Oooh, this looks like strep. And if it's not strep, we'll test for mono, because that's the only other thing that it could be." And then he looked up my nose and made another disgusted face and informed me that I have a sinus infection as well, and that I would be leaving here with something (drugs) not matter what. Ha! I didn't come here for nothing! Wait. I didn't come here for nothing. Aw, crap.

The 15 minute speed swab test (which went all too fast thanks to my audio book) came back positive for strep. Doc said I needed to try and keep away from my kids for at least 24 hours after treatment. My heart sank. Had I already exposed them? Luckily I have my house to go to, and the kids are staying with Mamaw & Papaw. I'm praying that they all stay healthy. I brought Jaz home with me to keep me and Tigra company - at least I'm not completely alone. So now I'm to eat bland foods, take my medicines as directed, and of course I'm going to sleep as much as possible (since I am totally exhausted still). I should be feeling better in a couple of days, according to the doc. My main concern now is how I'm going to plan for the baby's birthday party (which is supposed to be Saturday). I guess I'll worry about that once I'm feeling better. Poor kid - he totally gets the short end of the stick. Watch me go out and buy him a cupcake or something (when I've gone to great lengths to make all of J & G's cakes). And I'm not sure he'll be getting any presents from us either. I'm thinking of wrapping something we already have so he'll have something to open. I'm too sick to care right now. That's my excuse anyway.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blake at 10 Months

I am well aware that Blake's first birthday is imminent. All too imminent, in my opinion. Where did the past year go? How is it possible that my baby is almost out of the "infant" category? I am sad and in denial. So in keeping with that, here's Blake at 10 months:

Blake is full of personality. He knows what he wants and is fiercely determined to get it. He is also joyous and excitable - full of mischief, and smart as the dickens. He does not want to be held back or contained, and he has a knack for finding the one thing he can't have in a room full of otherwise baby-friendly items. He is silly and playful, and loves his big brothers. They adore him to pieces, and are relentless about being near him (I am constantly asking them to give him some space). It's obvious that they want to really play with him.

He is playing with bigger toys now. He has figured out that he can put a small item into a bigger item, he can almost stack things up, and he catches on fast when you show him something.

His main objective in life is to GO. He pulls up on everything. He can walk with his push toys, or holding onto fingers, and squeals with delight anytime he gets going. And he is a super fast crawler now too, so I have to be careful because if I turn my head, he'll zip away into a no-no zone. So we have been using the SuperYard to contain him when necessary, and he's getting to where he does not like that one bit.

What a coincidence that I take all of the kids' pictures right before bed.....OK, I'll admit it. I keep them in jammies a LOT. Moving on. Blake knows 6 signs now, has 6 teeth, and is close to outgrowing his 12-month clothes. He is a lot pickier about food than the big boys ever were, which makes things a bit challenging, but he still eats pretty good for the most part.

*Sigh* He is such a joy in our lives. I just wish he would slow down a bit. It's hard to savor the moments when they go by at the speed of light.