Friday, January 30, 2009

Blake Turns One

I really can't believe my baby is a year old. So much so that I forgot his one-year doctor appointment yesterday - oops. I'll have to post his one year stats after his rescheduled appointment next week. His birthday party was fantastic. Mainly because his daddy got to come home for it! But also because there was chocolate cake, which I am a big fan of. And speaking of cake, I did manage to make the cakes myself, and was pleased with how they turned out. Plus I didn't spend a ton of time doing them, which will please my lovely sister-in-law (only 2 this time, Kjersten!). Here are some pictures of the grand event:

Uncle Tim is a fan of Blake's, and vice versa.
Blake and Daddy - such a joyous reunion!
Loving the thrill of Daddy's toss.
The cakes: the big one was from a cake pan my mom found at a garage sale, and the little on I made based on a picture we liked.
Before his first ever taste of cake (and chocolate!).
I think he likes it...
Yep, definitely need more...
This is yummy!
Celebrating his demolished cake. He's clapping for himself. So proud!
And VERY thirsty.
Feeling generous now. Here Daddy, have a bite!
See how good this is, Mommy?
Mamaw! You try!
All of my guys. I'm in such love!
Blake and Melanie bonding over the zipper on her top.
This one is worth adding because George took it.
Blake enjoyed the balloons immensely as well.
Showing Daddy how he can ride the horsey.
*sigh* My little baby is getting more boyish every day. And having two big brothers to keep up with makes his growth seem even more accelerated. I thank God for this blessing in our lives. He is truly a joy.

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J.B. said...

That's stinkin' sweet. Isn't it just weird how fast these kids are growing?