Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Notes From the Quarantine

I really have no idea what caused me to wake from my dead sleep. But looking at the clock, I felt compelled to follow doctor's orders, so I got up. My body feels like lead, eyelids included. A dose of penicillin. A warm salt water gargle. Some Tylenol. It occurs to me that I forgot my Chloraseptic at my parents' house. Shucks. I let the dog out. I decide to eat a bit of soggy (on purpose) Life cereal just in case my stomach protests meds on an empty stomach, though I am not in the least hungry. A quick once over with a bare toothbrush (too lazy for paste), another gargle to use up the rest of the salt water, a quick post here, and I'm off to resume slumber in approximately 3...2...1............

Awake again, but still groggy. Very thirsty, and I'm thinking hungry too. So dehydrated. Today's goals are to wash all of the sheets and disinfect the whole house. We'll see how far I get. Perhaps I'll just blog from my bed all day. Though that would require some mental energy. I'll probably watch some of the inaugural coverage. First order of business - scrambled eggs and toast (so heavily buttered it's soft).

Could it be this late already? I've done nothing productive thus far. I did manage to paint my nails - I guess that didn't take as much energy as laundry. Food is going down a bit easier, on the throat anyway. But pretty much every time I eat, I feel slightly queasy afterward. And I'm starting to feel the crushing fatigue again. I think it's time for a nap.

1:45pm Wednesday
Another day where I've been in bed all day so far. Trying to rouse myself enough to make coffee and get ready to go see the kids. Feeling very guilty that I did not accomplish a single thing while I was home, but I guess taking care of myself counts for something. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like doing something productive? I hope so. Chris will be home tomorrow night (late) - he's coming for Blake's first birthday, which I'm not ready for in the least. Bad timing, illness! At least the quarantine is over. I just wish I felt better than I do. But I'm definitely better than I was. The great news (so far) is that it seems no one else in my family has contracted my germs. Praise God!

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kate-the-enabler said...

hey - just sending you best wishes for a rapid recovery - feel better - sleep much - good job for levering yourself out of bed to follow MD orders.
(JJ Kate here..)