Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blake at 10 Months

I am well aware that Blake's first birthday is imminent. All too imminent, in my opinion. Where did the past year go? How is it possible that my baby is almost out of the "infant" category? I am sad and in denial. So in keeping with that, here's Blake at 10 months:

Blake is full of personality. He knows what he wants and is fiercely determined to get it. He is also joyous and excitable - full of mischief, and smart as the dickens. He does not want to be held back or contained, and he has a knack for finding the one thing he can't have in a room full of otherwise baby-friendly items. He is silly and playful, and loves his big brothers. They adore him to pieces, and are relentless about being near him (I am constantly asking them to give him some space). It's obvious that they want to really play with him.

He is playing with bigger toys now. He has figured out that he can put a small item into a bigger item, he can almost stack things up, and he catches on fast when you show him something.

His main objective in life is to GO. He pulls up on everything. He can walk with his push toys, or holding onto fingers, and squeals with delight anytime he gets going. And he is a super fast crawler now too, so I have to be careful because if I turn my head, he'll zip away into a no-no zone. So we have been using the SuperYard to contain him when necessary, and he's getting to where he does not like that one bit.

What a coincidence that I take all of the kids' pictures right before bed.....OK, I'll admit it. I keep them in jammies a LOT. Moving on. Blake knows 6 signs now, has 6 teeth, and is close to outgrowing his 12-month clothes. He is a lot pickier about food than the big boys ever were, which makes things a bit challenging, but he still eats pretty good for the most part.

*Sigh* He is such a joy in our lives. I just wish he would slow down a bit. It's hard to savor the moments when they go by at the speed of light.

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J.B. said...

Good grief. It really does go fast, doesn't it? My little girl, too, has the knack for finding the one thing she can't have in a room full of baby-friendly items. What is UP with that!?