Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Love Crickets and Spiderman

No, this title does not come from something either one of the boys have said. I am saying this. I bet you are wondering why. And if you're not, then feel free to skip this post. Because I'm going to tell you. Also, this is one of a series of posts related to our vacation to Virginia.

You know those doohickies (this is a term that could also mean "thingys") that come with the Pack-N-Plays (which I will refer to from now on as PNP) now? They fit on the railing and have lights and play music or sounds. Well, we never used it with the big boys when they were babies, but found the perfect use for it while vacationing recently. We had the boys sleeping with us in our room at the condo (this room was gloriously huge), but when we put them to bed it was a little scary in there for them because of how dark it was. Chris happened to remember that we had the PNP light/sound attachement thing and we used that as a nightlight. The boys also got a kick out of the sound choices, and decided to go with crickets (NOW it makes sense why I love crickets). They LOVE listening to the crickets now, and we use it for every nap and bedtime - it makes for wonderful white noise. Sometimes George freaks out if he's still awake when it shuts off (it has a timer in it), and calls for us to turn it back on.

As for Spiderman. The boys received Spiderman inflatable sleeping bag beds for their birthday from my mom (always the practical gift giver, which I love) since she knew we'd need them for the trip. Then I went about my strategy. We blew them up and I let them watch movies in the livingroom for quiet time. We talked about how they'd get to sleep with them on the trip. And they really did well in them! I was pretty worried, because they are so used to sleeping in their own beds. They've never even stayed at my parents' house overnight. But they enjoy their own Spiderman beds, even though they both ended up on the floor a couple of different times.

At my aunt's house, I woke up one morning to find George face down on the hardwood floor, with his bed upside down on top of him. Still sound asleep. And Josh had to be rearranged several times a night, as he is the mover and shaker of the two when it comes to sleeping (e.g. George does not need a bed rail but Joshua does - the first night we tried taking Josh's off he fell off the bed with a loud thud). But overall they did spectacularly well, and now I have the confidence to send them over to the grandparents for a sleepover (did you read that, Mom & Dad? When's good for you?). Because with their Spiderman beds and cricket machine, they will sleep. A sigh of relief emits.

And now for the visuals:

This was our first night in the condo. Josh ended up half-way on the floor with his head under our bed.

Meanwhile George is lying still in this spot.The next night we moved Josh so he wouldn't hit his head on anything. Here they both are together.

I found him like this, and put him back on the bed. A little while later, he was crying. Chris went to check on him and he was over by our bed, sitting there and saying "I can't find my bed, Daddy." He forgot we moved his bed. He is also kind of a sleepwalker.

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Hahahhaha! Oh, man. They are cute.