Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Movie Buffs

We recently took the big boys to see their very first movie at the theater. It was a free matinee, and we met my friend Melanie and her nieces there (luckily she was there early as we were running late and she saved us seats - it was sold out by the time we got there, oops). We saw the new(ish) Veggie Tales movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." The parts of the movie that I did see were good. Very clever and funny, in true VT style.

We had a card for a free combo snack pack that Chris got from a friend, so we had our family-sized bucket of popcorn and lots of other fun snacks, plus the sodas. We figured that would be the ticket to keeping the boys entertained, in case the movie did not. The first half of the movie went very well. There were a few blurt-outs from Joshua as he would hear a baby cry or see something in the movie and feel compelled to point it out (that's a boat!), but it really didn't matter as there were lots of families with little kids there.

Then there was an intermission. I guess they figure that potty-training parents need a break to take the kiddos to the bathroom or something. It seemed like a long wait to me though, and the boys said they wanted to leave. But then the made friends with the little boy in front of us who gave them some animal crackers. And we stayed to watch the rest. And there were previews before the second half. What?! That was just ridiculous. But anyway, the second half was filled with kids running in the aisles, meltdowns, crying, and the like. Our boys did well still, but Josh was having a bit of a tough time sitting still. He really couldn't go anywhere, so I let him get up and down from his seat. We were in the very back, so it wasn't a big deal. And the snacks came in very handy.

Now I know why the theater provides free kids movie matinees. They take pity on the parents who are trying to take little ones to the movies, and they know how things go. It would be cruel to charge them money. But it was still fun and I'm glad we went. We won't be going again any time soon, and when we do it will be a free matinee.


The Stingy One said...

Hey! We went to that, too! Only we understood the "intermission" to mean "get your kids up and moving 'cuz you're only half-done." And so we took them on a tour of the theater. That seemed to really help get the antsies out.

("I've got antsies in my pantsies!" - Name that Veggie Tale!)

Too bad we didn't know you were there, too - we could have done something afterward!

3BoyMommy said...

Oh, I wish I had known! We'll have to coordinate in the future...

And I don't think we've seen that particular VT - I'll have to look into it as it sounds right up our alley (two bug fanatics here).