Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Done With Today

I'm so done. Today has been one of "those" days. A mucking around in the deep muddy trenches day. A day when there hasn't been a minute to myself. A day when the big boys have been trying my every nerve and the baby has been miserable with a tummy ache (or something). A day when the word exhaustion doesn't even come close to the level of fatigue I'm feeling. A day when I have disciplined every which way with no real results. Today is still going on, but I am SOOO done. I have pretty much checked out. I am doing some computer therapy while Chris switches between dealing with naughty boys who won't go to sleep (after a day with no nap - overtiredness, yay!) and soothing a baby who won't stop crying. He is soon to be as spent as I.

And we argue on days like this. And I think, how on earth am I to manage? My house is a disaster, I have a million things to do, my kids are driving me nuts, my husband and I are doing useless bickering, and I really just want to sleep for about 3 days straight.

So boo-hoo. Poor me. Now I will go suck it up and move on. I do know that I am blessed, and there are people out there who have much more to deal with. But sometimes I just want to feel sorry for myself. Thanks for listening; have a nice day. Oh, and I'd appreciate any spare prayers.


The Stingy One said...

Oh, I love me a good pity party, too. A little too much, perhaps.

And I don't even have twins.

Though, every weekday morning, I do watch a boy only 3 months older than Benjamin who cries the.whole.time even though he's been coming here for about three months now and YOU'D THINK HE'D GET IT BY NOW THAT CRYING DOES NOT MAKE HIS MOMMY COME BACK ANY SOONER.

Does that count?

We need a playdate. Only, I don't have a car big enough to transport my two plus the boy I watch, and afternoons are naptime (O sleeps from 1-5 pretty much.) So... You'd have to come here some morning. It'd be fun - in a crazy 965 sq ft kinda way!

3BoyMommy said...

That DOES count. 3 kids under 3 counts no matter what! You go ahead and have your party, and cry if you want to!

We will have to attempt a playdate. And having 6 kids in your apartment will be great fodder for blogging, dontcha think?

Erin said...

Every mom deserves a good pity party without feeling guilty. We are blessed to have healthy, vibrant children who drain every ounce of energy we have. Mom's who have 3 children get 3x the pity parties. I say, whine away!

Grandmaof3 said...

It's called Calgon Take Me Away!!!! Cry a little, take things out on inanimate objects (not within child sight, though), and occasionally throw something down that makes noise and call the boy's names (gets their attention, if only for a minute! LOL) they'll get quiet REAL fast. It makes you feel good, if only for a minute!