Friday, May 23, 2008

The First Visit to the E.R.

This happened a while back, but you will notice posts about previous events from time to time. It will most likely take me a while to catch up (if ever!) on all of the things I want to blog about.

About 6 weeks ago or so, we had our first real scare with Joshua. I am kind of amazed that we hadn't had something serious happen before then (and thankful too), as our big guys are reckless, aggressive (with each other), and of course toddlers. And boys.

So I was in the kitchen (as usual), and Chris had just gotten the boys in the shower. I heard a really loud boom, followed by some screaming and crying. I then heard Chris yell to me to come back there NOW. When I opened the bathroom door, I saw Josh standing there crying, with his face covered in blood and it was running all down his body and into the tub. He had slipped and hit his head on the side of the tub, on the forehead right between the eyes. I screamed "Oh my God!" followed by "what do I do? what do I do?" Then something clicked and I sprang into action. I turned of the shower water, grabbed a cold washcloth for Chris to wipe off the blood, and went looking for Band-Aids. I had Chris get Josh dressed so he could take him to the Emergency Room.

I couldn't find the Band-Aids, so I came back up and Chris was getting Josh ready to go (his bleeding had slowed way down). George was sitting in the tub, alone and naked and cold. Chris had told him to stay right there, and I think he was really just petrified from the whole scene and all of the blood and commotion. The baby was crying, and I was running around trying to make sure they had stuff to take with them (frozen peas to hold on the enormous lump, a lollipop, some fruit snacks...stuff like that). Chris had me call my mom to come help me with the baby and George, so she showed up right after they left.

Poor Josh had to leave the house pretty much soaking wet (Chris hadn't even had a chance to wash him yet), and it was pretty cold outside. I went back to the bathroom, and there George was, still sitting in the same spot, just frozen there (bless his little heart). So I told him I'd give him a bubble bath, and he was a little freaked out until I washed all of the blood out of the tub first. After that, he had his first solo tubby since being a baby. We played, and talked about Josh getting hurt and having to go to the hospital. When it was time to put him in bed, he said "but I can't sleep without Joshy." Broke my heart. He did finally go to sleep, but it was well past his bedtime.

Chris and Josh got home around 11:30pm. Chris said that Josh did awesome at the hospital. All of the nurses just thought he was the most adorable thing and he behaved pefectly. He munched on the frozen peas and ate all of the snacks, and thought it was a great fun adventure. It turned out that all Josh really needed was a Band-Aid (ack!). They did do an MRI just to be safe, but it was fine. George woke up when we put Joshua to bed, and he was happy to see him.

Unfortunately we missed the Urgent Care hours just barely (they close at 8pm, and the incident happened right around then), so instead of having to pay a $40 co-pay, we had to pay $115. But it was still worth it. Now 6 weeks later, Josh still has a pretty fresh-looking scar, and a lump underneath. We all still talk about his boo-boo and how he had to go to the hospital with Daddy.

And I'm sure that this was the first of many to come visits to the hospital for the Bergman clan. I hope I'm wrong.

Here's my baby the day after - in good spirits despite the boo-boo!

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