Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mommy Brain

So I spent a fair amount of time and effort to compose what I thought was a nice speech for the MOPPETS appreciation brunch. These are the people who care for our children while we get some time to socialize, learn, eat a lovely breakfast (cooked for us! and cleaned up for us afterwards!), and be creative. I thought they deserved a well thought-out tribute. I edited it one last time last night, and printed it out this morning and put it in my folder of MOPS stuff.

And after breakfast I discovered that I left it on the kitchen counter, safe and secure in the folder. So I had to wing it. Oops.

I truly cannot believe the difference in my mental capacity between pre and post-kids. I used to be the ultimate multi-tasker. I could remember everything: faces, names, what names belonged with what faces...but alas, no more. My dear husband can no longer rely on me to remember the critical details. I have list upon list floating around our home (and I forget where I put them). The above is but one of a thousand examples of how mentally challenged I have become. And that's how it is.

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