Monday, May 19, 2008

3rd Birthday Party

The boys' birthday party was a success. They had a great time playing with Zach & Adam (their cousins), they got great presents, and the cakes were a hit. And now for the photos:

George had to swing with his balloon.

How old are you today, Joshua?Party Guests (Vincent, Adam, and Victoria).
Melanie with Blake.
Tim grilling away.
Josh & Blake having a special moment.
George and Adam saying "I'm a happy sponge!"

The Cakes: Spongebob Squarepants Patrick (George's Cake) Squidward (Joshua's Cake)
Plankton (Daddy's Cake)
Cake Party
The "extra" cake.

Josh REALLY likes his cake.
And so does Adam! Opening the presents:
Look! A Krabby Patty!

We love our jungle hats.
Can't wait to play with this...

So that's it. My babies are three. *sigh*

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sjaa said...

Awesome job on the cakes, Nancy! What a fun party!