Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Swirling Mess

That is my mind. Cluttered with too many thoughts. Too many mental notes and to-do lists. Unable to focus and prioritize appropriately.

I need order. I need organization. I need time, energy, motivation, and opportunity...uninterrupted. So since that is not a realistic or regular occurance in my life right now, I need to implement the 15 minute plan. I have oh-so-many goals. Like it would be nice to actually get my father-in-law's Christmas present in the mail - before it ends up being a present for next Christmas. Not to mention all of the other belated gifts and cards waiting to be sent.

But back to the plan. The workable (in theory) solution. 15 minute goals. Spending 15 minutes per day doing something I wouldn't normally do. My mom read that this is the way to get things the way you want them. Eventually those 15 minute chunks will add up and then it would turn into a matter of maintenance. Joy! Bliss! Oh, if it could only be. Because the mountains of stuff I am surrounded with seem insurmountable.

So I will try. I will aim for 15 minutes a day of productivity that is beyond the normal (dishes, laundry, and the other upkeep chores). Maybe if I get my home in order, my mind will not be as bad. And I sure could use a good mind.

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Mommy to three crazies said...

I think I may take that suggestion as well! 15 minutes doesn't seem unreasonable and all I EVER get to do around here is maintain--not even! Good advice! Thanks!