Thursday, June 26, 2008

Potty Refusing

It would seem logical that at this point in my motherhood journey that I would be in the throes of potty training. I mean, the boys are 3 years old, after all. Most people I know with a 3 year old child are either done or at least well on the way. Not us.

We introduced the potty quite some time ago, and the boys have treated it as mostly a novelty concept. It was interesting at first, and, as most novelties go, the excitement quickly faded and they were over it. I have read much on this topic, and have received plenty of advice as well. They are just NOT INTERESTED. And though I think that I could be giving it more effort, I honestly don't think they are truly ready. But there is a glimmer of hope. They have just begun dressing themselves. They want some help here and there, but they are now fully capable of taking off and putting on clothes That is an important step in potty training!

There are other critical signs of readiness that they are currently NOT displaying, however, which leads me to believe that they need a bit more time before they will truly "get it." But I think that we are going to attempt a "potty bootcamp" of sorts, just to see if it takes. Because if all that stands in the way of diaper freedom is my lack of effort, then I need to at least give it a good college try. So once we are back from vacation we're going to do it. I'm thinking of having them go every hour, and either having them in underwear or naked bottoms for a few days. We'll do a sticker chart, give rewards for consistency...all that jazz. And we'll try to do it without shaming them or making them feel too much pressure.

I am just so tired of changing the most disgusting diapers, from children who are pleased as punch to sing-songily announce yet again, "no potty prizes today!"

Wish us luck.

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