Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

George's verbal ability astounds me. His conversational skills might even best some of adults I know. Likewise, his ability to reason sometimes gets me in trouble (I try to get away with things, but he doesn't let anything slide). I wish I could remember more of what he says. Or take the time to write it down. If I could see my way to manage it, I could probably post something every day that George says that cracks me up or makes me think. I could call it "George's Gems." Hmmm....maybe I should start carrying a digital recorder around to capture it all (although the boys would find it and want to play with it/destroy it). Well, here are a few things I did manage to capture anyway:

  • We were sitting in the parking lot of the video store waiting for Chris, and we were watching the traffic signals. We were discussing the various lights and what they mean. "Green means go. Red means stop. What does yellow mean, Mommy?" I said, " Yellow means 'Proceed with Caution.'" And George said, "Hmmm....yeah, yellow means go."
  • We were driving somewhere and listening to a bouncy song on the radio. George was kicking his feet in time to the music. I said "Sing, George!" He replied, "I'm singing with my feet!"
  • One of the presents we bought with the boys' birthday Target gift card is a little foam gun that you can squeeze that shoots foam rockets. Chris was playing with the boys while I was making dinner, and I heard George say "Daddy, I just LOVE playing rockets."

When I get annoyed with his constant babble and the sheer volume of his voice, I need to remember how much I appreciate his penchant for words and speaking. For those are things I enjoy as well. And I need to also be patient with him, as I remember that I annoy others with my blather. Which reminds me of my favorite quote (that aptly describes me):

"I am nothing if not redundant. And I also repeat myself." -Richard Fish, from Ally McBeal

*Update* Just this morning. My mom was here, and I had her give the baby some formula (usually he gets breastmilk in the bottle). He only ate a little, as he had already had his breastmilk and was pretty much full. I was in the kitchen, and my mom says to me "George had a bite of formula and didn't like it one bit." And then George says, "Mommy, you need to pump something better!" I about wet myself.

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