Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 Months and Going Strong

My baby is 4 months old. I guess I'm a bit late in putting that up here; he is almost 4.5 months old. He's getting so big! He pretty much just skipped over size 3-6 months. He's wearing 6-9 month clothing now. Anyway, here are the 4-month stats:

Weight: 14lbs 14oz
Height: 25 3/8 inches
Head Circumference: 42.1cm
Growth Percentile: Around 50th for weight and head, and a little above 50th for height

He is really something. He is very happy and smiley, and also laughs a lot. It is too precious! His big bros are obsessed with trying to get him to laugh or smile. They just love him to pieces. Sometimes I wish they'd love him a little more gently and quietly, but I guess it's nice that they like having him around.

Here's my happy little guy:

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