Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day and...

My kiddos are sick with fever. Bleh. George woke up yesterday with a fever, and was very whiney and lethargic all day, while Joshua seemed even more spastic than normal. And now today they both have fevers. This because it is impossible (for me, anyway) to keep them from sharing things. I turn my head and next thing I know one of them is drinking out of the other's cup. I have been fiercely trying to keep them from touching and kissing the baby. I pray he doesn't get sick now too (or Chris or myself, for that matter).

Now as I type this, George has woken up from his nap in hysterics (like he did yesterday as well), because he is not good at being sick.

And it is the most beautiful day outside. Sunny, warm, a gentle breeze...but we will not be going to the zoo, or the park, or anywhere there might be other children. And we won't be attending church tomorrow. But we will likely go to my parents' house since they are out of town, and at least let the kiddos play in their backyard. If they feel like it.

And just for run, here are some pictures from when they were NOT sick on a nice day.

An unassuming sand box turtle that Chris picked up from someone's curb (one man's trash, right?).

I think I'll just take a peek inside. What's this?! Two peas in a turtle (er, pod). And now there's sand in there. What fun is that.

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