Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fuel Fury

We are getting ready to take a road trip here in a couple of weeks, and I am agonizing over the price of gas. $4.17 a gallon? And could go higher? It's an outrage! So I am busy trying to (finally) sell some stuff to make money for gas for our vacation.

That aside, I am also experiencing some anxiety over having all 3 kids strapped in for any length of time (and I'm talking 10+ hours in one day). The big boys have always been pretty good travelers, but this is our first such journey with the baby. And I am trying to cover the bases with how we'll manage (get some exercise at rest stops, take plenty of snacks, have the portable DVD player going...), but I'm soliciting advice here. Anyone have good tips for travel with a trio of tots?


The Hileman Family said...

The only thing I'd suggest is get something new for the big boys -- coloring/activity books and crayons; videos; etc. New stuff seems to take up more time for them. We just got back from Cincinnati and we didn't have many in-van breakdowns.
We also took out one of the seats in the middle of the van for more room and I also sat in the back with Lauren. I don't know if you can manage that, but being in the back with the girls seemed to help the time go by for them.
As far as the gas prices, I tried to off-set that by packing lunches and all the snacks and drinks so we didn't eat on the road at all.
When we went to Maryland a few years ago, we left at night so the driving time was during sleeping time. It was a little tough for Rob, but a breeze on Lauren (no Abbey at that point). That was 13 hours one way and we had no problems with her.
I don't know if any of that helps, but good luck!

3BoyMommy said...

Thanks! I was thinking about the new stuff too. My plan is that for every stop we make, they will get a suprise as long as the driving jag we just took was successful (no real behavior issues, etc.). I'm thinking dollar store stuff here. Hopefully they will respond well to that. Now, I'm not sure how to negotiate with a 5-month-old...