Monday, June 2, 2008

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

This has been a pretty wet Spring. And our backyard is already in the swamp category. We live near an underground stream, our yard slopes slightly downward, AND we have a septic system. These things have made it very difficult to get our garden planted early enough. We ended up getting two loads of topsoil for the two patches of garden, in hopes that the elevation would keep at least that portion dry enough. So far - NOPE. So we will end up planting way late again this year. We had to plant late last year as well, but it was still earlier than now (so my dad informs me - I cannot really remember the exact time).

What's worse is that our yard itself has been an icky, squishy, marshy mess as well (I don't remember it being like this last year). Hubs did some research and found that with a family of five we need to get our septic system drained every 7 months or so. Hmm...we've been here two years so far.

Last week we got our septic tank pumped. Hurray! It seemed to help immediately. Take that, rain! And then, we got some serious precipitation on Friday night. And our sump pump got clogged, which we didn't realize until I went down to get a cake board and noticed several inches of standing water in parts of our basement! I mean, our entertainment area and storage space! Yikes. And then Saturday night there was a follow-up downpour. AND Chris looked yesterday and noticed that our septic tank is now completely full again - with water. Ugh. So since we have had NO time to do any sort of clean-up in the basement as of yet, that will be our project du jour for a while. Because we have TONS of stuff down there.

And thus prompts the upcoming search and purchase of plastic storage containers for all items that are to be kept on the floor. And more shelving to keep boxed items off of the floor. Which we don't have time or money to accommodate. We'll figure something out.

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