Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

So a MOPS friend of mine has a U-Pick Pumpkin patch that she and her husband run, so we went there a couple of weeks ago. There's just something special about picking out a pumpkin from its home on the ground rather than a store shelf. The boys had a great time, and we ended up with a nice family of pumpkins.

The pumpkin stand (so cute!):

The hayride that took us out to the patch:
Can you believe I forgot to bring jackets? I had only one (Josh's), so my mom used it to cover the baby's ears. He was perfectly content in the carrier because he loves chewing on the strap.

George really wanted to pick up a big pumpkin, but it proved to be more difficult than he thought.
What do you think of this one?
The wagon pulls double duty.
Despite the lack of pumpkin picking ability, Josh was delighted to find that there was something he liked even better.
Couldn't see it? It was this. A bug. What could be better?
A family photo op. And the boys with their pumpkins, back at home.
My pumpkin carving prowess on display (don't be too impressed - I actually messed up on it and a couple of days after carving we had an evening with strong winds and the face fell out of it. Oops!)
We enjoyed some toasted pumpkin seeds from this pumpkin as well. I would show you the other pumpkins, but we did not end up carving them as planned (Chris' was going to be Larry the Cucumber and the boys' would have been the French Peas - hadn't figured out Blake's yet). Maybe next year we'll do a better job of planning the pumpkin carving activities.

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I LOVE your Bob pumpkin. :-)

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