Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A New Trench

A new chapter is about to begin. Chris got offered a job in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he accepted. We will be relocating there. His job will start December 15th, which means he is going to go down alone while the boys and I stay here to sell the house. Most likely, the kids and I will move in with my parents so that the house can be clean and ready to show at all times. Chris is looking to rent a room or apartment (or if we can find someone who knows someone who would be willing to open their home to him, that would be fantastic), and we will be apart for a while.

God is orchestrating the details of this process. We are trusting in Him to work it out (otherwise I would be a mental case - even more of one, that is). And coming off of the Women's Retreat, I definitely feel that I have come closer to Him and can lean on Him more. So it will be an interesting few weeks, months, and beyond, as we move down South - away from my family - and start a new life there. But God has a plan, and there is peace in that.

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Katie M said...

I have found that when God sends me away from family it is so I can depend on Him more and He'll provide a friend family for the immediate needs of physical support. See you soon!