Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Musings

Blake said his first word today. And not just any word, either. The word was "agog." Isn't he a genius?! I learned that word in vocabulary class in high school, so when he said it I of course had this mental dialogue going on: He just said his first word! What a brilliant baby. Most adults probably don't know that word. And so on. He even used it in the proper context! Okay, so he really didn't mean for it to be a real word, but it was still too cute.

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, please allow me to enlighten you - compliments of Webster's Dictionary online:

Main Entry:
Middle French en gogues in mirth
: full of intense interest or excitement : eager [kids agog over new toys]

Now here's the other part of this scenario. Yesterday we witnessed him pull up for the first time (it was not actually THE first time, as he fell out of his crib a couple of days before that, indicating he did in fact possess that ability prior to our knowledge of it - but that is another post). He was trying to get into a box of toys that I was getting ready to take down to the basement. He got onto his hands and knees, reached up and grabbed the box with one hand, then steadied himself and grabbed with the other, then scooched up with his little knees until he was close enough to balance well and then he stood up! It was a bittersweet moment. I am so not ready for him to be standing/walking! He's moving too fast. It's all slipping away, this sweet babyhood of his.

So. Back to the brilliant baby story. Tonight (as he was refusing to sleep and since the vultures were in bed), we played on the floor for a while. And he was just so happy to be given some freedom to roam (this kid is dying to get MOVING) - that's when he said "agog." So you can imagine my amusement and delight (word nerd that I am - and hey! that rhymed!) with the whole thing. I guess it's the kind of story that perhaps only English teachers can truly appreciate (and if any of you readers are English teachers, please overlook my grammar missteps - this is blogspeak here, not research paper worthy writing, obviously). Mrs. English would be so proud. Yes, my English/Vocab teacher's name was Mrs. English. How utterly apropo (another word learned in her class).

So what if he followed it up with "gagagagagaga." He has learned a new skill. AND said a new word (even if only in Mommy's mind). And about these things, I am agog.


Heather said...

Nance, I love you. You're a dork.

3BoyMommy said...
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3BoyMommy said...

And proud of it. :)

Katie M said...

So cool that his first word is agog. My kids were all about swords and guns. :)