Saturday, November 29, 2008

Double Vision

Josh and George have pink eye. Josh contracted it yesterday (Happy Thanksgiving!). It came on fast and furious - I had no idea goop could accumulate so fast in an eyeball! Eww. We promptly got the special drops and began using them last night. And we launched an all-out assault against the potential spreading of this nasty virus. We are washing hands every 5 seconds, it seems (and those little hands are chapped - so now we're trying to manage that problem as well), trying to disinfect as we go, and really trying to make sure nobody touches anyone else's face or hands or stuff. It is not easy.

And this morning, George's left eye appeared to have a sty on it. And later on, the other eye started getting a bit of goop.

Now with regards to administering the drops, I have to use two totally different approaches. With Joshua, I have to tell him that he cannot have any more drops right now, but that he will get more another time (he begs for them). With George, we have to cajole, plead, bribe, threaten and finally hold him down by force (which it takes both of us to do) to get one drop in. And he freaks out the whole time. So it ends up being a process that takes a very long time.

God knew which kid would be able to handle a broken leg and all that that entailed. We call Josh our "good little patient." George on the other hand? Not so much.

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