Friday, October 17, 2008

Josh's New Found (Limited) Freedom

Look what Josh can do! (Please overlook the bad lighting - our ceiling light is currently on the fritz).

Up until Tuesday, Josh had not shown any desire to try and move around. I was not about to push him to do it - he had been complaining of pain still. But at MOPS on Tuesday, they called me over to take him to the potty. When I had him on the floor, after I had put his diaper back on, he started scooting a little bit. The other kids were all on the floor playing, and I asked him if he wanted to scoot over and play with them. He said yes, and proceeded to scoot over like he'd been doing it all along.

Since then he's been a whirling dervish! He can roll over now, and scoot wherever he wants to go...and he is SOOO much happier.

It's not all sunshine and roses, though. He is experiencing a bit more pain from all of the extra exercise. He is definitely more demanding (Can you put me on the couch? Can you put me on the floor? Mommy! I need you! Come over here!). And he's starting to get itchy. REAL itchy. Poor kid. I scratch as far up under the edges of his cast as I can, and I can feel the horribly dry, scaly skin under there. I can only imagine having that kind of itchiness and not being able to scratch it. And still 3 weeks to go (not even!).

I think he likes his new ability to get around despite the cast. So much so that he has said a few times in the last couple of days, "Don't take my cast off." I think he'll still be happy to get it off, especially once he gets into the bathtub for the first time.

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