Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gleeful Gimp

Despite his limitations, Joshua has astounded me with his attitude (mostly). He is happy now as long as he gets to scoot around on the floor and be part of the action. I was so worried that he was going to be super whiny and demanding, but he has been a trooper and been quite pleasant! God is good, and has extended us a tremendous amount of grace through this experience. Here are a few pictures of things Josh has been able to enjoy even in a body cast:

Josh taking a picture of Blake.

Using his bar to help him get up.My personal favorite - he can swing! This was taken just today.
Before mobility - relaxing in a bean bag chair.The first wheel chair they sent us - an adult-sized monstrosity. That reminds me, I need to take some pictures of his pediatric one. It's MUCH better.
Petting the doggy.
Taking matters into his own hands (too bad it's just plastic).
An activity book we received in the mail from a friend was the perfect diversion early on.

I love that he is delighting in the simple things. He is still the same curious, giggly, silly boy underneath all of that fiberglass.

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