Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go Fish

So I MUST plug our new favorite music group: Go Fish. This is a trio of cool Christian guys who make kids music that parents can enjoy too. You'll see a new feature on the right side of the page - scroll down until you reach the purple box and click to hear one of our favorite songs by them (a couple of our very favs were not available to link to). Chris and I love when the boys request them because we love to listen to them too! It is now THE music we listen to in the car. In fact, when the boys hear any music other than Go Fish, they will say "No, I want to hear MUSIC!" So Go Fish IS music to them right now.

How did I hear of them, you might wonder? Well, they played at MOPS convention (it was AWESOME) a couple of weeks ago in Dallas (and last year at MOPS they kicked off the first meeting with one of their songs, so that was my true first introduction). Only at one of their concerts will you find thousands of people screaming and rockin' out to "If You're Happy and You Know It." They had a special deal for us MOPS leaders, and I ended up with 4 of their CD's. I don't regret it a bit! I'm really looking forward to listening to the Christmas CD (resisting for now).

Check them out:

I HIGHLY recommend this music. It is fun, upbeat, varied, dance-able, hilarious, cool, and uplifting!

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