Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Single Parent

Chris is away on his first business trip since Blake was born, leaving me with all 3 kids for almost a week for the first time in my life (without help).

Things with the kids are pretty much fine, though I am more tired at the end of the day (obviously). This is the second night but only the first full day. I figure tomorrow mid-day will put us at about the halfway point. Bedtime takes a little longer, and I've had to reinstate the SuperYard (sorry Blake!). But overall I feel that it could be worse. It would be nice if the weather wasn't so icky.

Two bad things have happened so far, and they are both completely unrelated to the solo childcare situation.

1) I spilled an entire cup of water on my beloved MacBook. I fear it will never be the same again, but time will tell. I am encouraged by the comments on Facebook by those who have had their laptops survive such a catastrophe.

2) We have a mouse (or mice) either living in or frequenting our pantry. We noticed the other day after the boys' basketball game that the bags of crispy nuts I had made had some little chew holes in them. Then tonight, as I was looking for rice to put my aforementioned addiction, er, computer into (a friend suggested this tip - said it would draw out the water), I discovered that almost EVERY bag of rice, beans, and grains has holes. Not to mention some *other* evidence that left no doubt about the culprit(s). So now I have popcorn, beans, and grains on my kitchen floor and who knows where in the pantry. I'll have to clear off the shelves and dump out the organizational baskets to find it all. Grr. I spent 45 minutes putting most of it into glass storage and labeling it. What a pain! And I'm still not finished, but I need a break to blog out this frustration.

Did I mention I'm tired? And I really need to start on this online Bible study I enrolled in, but now instead of doing it from the comfort of my bed, I'll do it in our freezing spare room (where the "house" computer is). Having gotten all of that off of my chest, let me say that I am super grateful that Chris insisted we get this computer as well as the MacBook. Also, let me say that I realize I am complaining about things that are completely trivial in the light of the Haiti earthquake, the economy, and a myriad of other issues that are infinitely more important. Just so we're clear that I do have a smidgen of perspective here.

So I must drag out the vacuum cleaner and suck up all of the little bits of potential mouse lure (since the glue trap isn't working thus far). And then I might just go to bed.

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