Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Dad

Recently Joshua has really gotten into storytelling.  Most of his stories of late are about his "New Dad."  I'm not exactly sure, but I think it all started after we had some friends stay over one night on their way down to Florida.  They also have 3 kids, and once they left, Josh would weave tales about how he had twin boys named "Eden and Meden" (Eden is their baby girl's name).  Or he and George would tell stories and use their kids' names throughout.  It was quite entertaining.

From there it started becoming "My New Mom" and "My New Dad."  His new mom's name was Bennie (for a while).  So he would tell stories about about his new parents and all of the things they had or did.  He kind of dropped the new mom a while back, and now tells the most creative and outlandish stories about his "New Dad."  For example, his new dad is a HUGE black widow spider who lives on Mars and drives a monster truck/rocket ship/plane.  And anytime there is something he wants that we don't have...that's AOK, because his new dad has it!  He has even offered to let me borrow stuff that his new dad has that I don't have.  So this has been going on for a little while.

Imagine the weirdness when Chris and I watched the movie Coraline last night.  If you haven't seen it, there is this whole thing about Coraline having a "other mother" (and father).  We weren't exactly freaked out, but it was a very strange coincidence!

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