Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Flag Football Game

The boys' first football game was last Saturday, and it was a lot of fun watching them play.  Of course the little cheerleaders were adorable too.  It's funny to see how many adults are out on the field with a bunch of 4-year-olds.  Both boys got to run the ball, and of course I couldn't get the camera switched over to movie mode in time, which Chris was none too pleased about.  So we'll be taking the camcorder AND the camera to future games.  It's not exactly the easiest thing to try and pay attention while keeping a (at this particular game, tired and cranky) toddler happy and entertained, but we managed fairly well.  I believe having LOTS of snacks handy was key.  Here are some of pics of the big event:

Both teams gathered on the field before the game.
George's Team - The Bulls (Daa Bullss).
Josh's Team - The Comets.
The super cute little cheerleaders.
Here's the kind of thing that makes 4-year-old football a hoot.
Here's a typical scene: Josh is just standing out there zoning out, a couple of kids are getting individual instruction, and the kid on the far left looks like he's ready for a nap.
Another common scenario with the 4's: In this particular instance it is George being physically moved to his designated spot.
One of the fleeting moments where Blake was relaxed and calm on Daddy's lap.
I'm including this picture just because both of the boys are on the field at the same time (George, far left, #4 jersey.  Josh, second from right.).
George on the sidelines.  The kid to his left is the tallest kid of all in this age group.
This is a picture taken just after George's almost touchdown.  He did get a touchdown, but then a flag was thrown because one of his flags was missing from his belt (but not because someone had pulled it).  At least I captured a shot of him holding the ball.  That counts for something, right?  He's on the left, in purple, holding the ball.  Oh, and there's Josh too, on the far right!
Josh and teammates (and a coach) running to the sidelines.
Josh on defense.  That's a pretty decent stance, I think.
George hamming it up.  You can tell it's getting to be close to the end - the kids are all kind of losing interest in the game.
Josh running the ball, and George on defense.  Brother against brother.  Clash of the Titans.  Peyton vs. Eli.  
What I've dubbed as "The Good Sportsmen Lineup."
Just click on a pic to see a bigger version of it.  Enjoy!

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