Friday, April 24, 2009

A Good Day

Today we put an offer on a house in Tennessee. I think this was the fifth house that we have bid on since we knew our house was going to sell. The first house that we lost was a real heartbreaker for me. The second one was not quite as bad, but it was still very disappointing. Then I decided that my attitude needed to change. I would allow God to open or close the doors as He saw fit, and I would accept (and be grateful for, and even enjoy) whatever house He provided.

And then we found out a couple of hours after we put in the offer that the owners were willing to negotiate. They countered with a very acceptable offer, and we agreed and were totally elated! This house is a wee bit rural (but not too far out), on an acre of land, and is very new (I think less than 3 years old). And the interior is GORGEOUS. It is 2280 sq.ft., with well-done, fresh looking paint, 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms! We will have to do NO work on this house. We will be able to move right in. We will need to get a shed soon, as there is no garage or shed currently, and we'll need to figure out a landscaping plan (garden, fence, etc.). There is great closet space, an actual pantry, an office that is connected to the Master is far more indulgent than we would have ever chosen on purpose. But we will love this space. We will enjoy all of the little upgrades, and we'll get lots of use out of the whirlpool tub. We will take nothing for granted.

Now we just need to trust that the timing will all work out the way we hope. We will be getting a VA loan, and we've been told that those can take some time to process. If it does take more time than we anticipate, we have a workable plan B. But if it goes through quickly, then we may be able to coordinate everything so that the day we close on the house here in Indiana, we will drive our filled U-Haul down to our new home and begin our new life there. Today was a really good day. But THAT would be an incredible day.


amy f. said...

The house sounds amazing, Nancy!! So spacious with so many features. Congratulations. I'm very happy for your family. Yes, VA loans are definitely more involved and take much longer. Good for you for trusting God when those doors have have some incredible days ahead and, best of all, being reunited (for good!) as a family!!

J.B. said...