Saturday, September 13, 2014

Good Intentions

I had such high hopes for this blog last year. I had told myself things like, this is the year I'm going to document our homeschool life. And I'll do reviews of products that I love and others could love because I reviewed them. And I'll post recipes and tutorials of how I make certain dishes, complete with pictures. And I'll share the tips and tricks I've gathered from all the Pinterest-ing. And hey! I'll post about my Pinterest projects. And our family and friends will get to see snippets of how our days go, and see more of the kids and their various school doings and whatnot. Alas, my aspirations of blogging glory were, once again, trampled by my reality. A reality in which I am juggling too many balls, and some of them are doomed to fall. I will admit that the juggling is most often a self-induced state of being. So in the interest of reorganizing and prioritizing, I will try once again to simplify. To follow through on things. To manage stress, adopt healthy habits, and focus on what's important.

As I look back over the years since I started this blog, I see a pattern. A gap of many months, or perhaps a year (or more) appears between posts, and the post immediately following such a gap attempts to assure the reader that there will not be such a gap again! This blog will be revived! There are so many ideas to share, and projects to be done, and moments with growing children to capture for posterity - how can I let such things go undocumented? Yeah. So here I am again.

Perhaps I'll make blogging a regular thing again. I do enjoy it, and there is a lot to be said for being able to look back at one's life and see how things have changed (or not). I look at past posts on here and realize how fleeting childhood life is, and that compels me to try again. So here I go.

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