Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snow Day!

The boys have been so anxious for snow, since long before Christmas. There was a tiny bit on Christmas Eve night, but it was just a wee flurry that didn't accumulate or anything. This week had been nothing but cold icky rain, but then on Thursday afternoon we started getting snow. A LOT of snow (especially for us). And it came down quickly. Huge, heavy wet flakes. Plus it was thundering! This is what we saw first:
Then less than an hour later, it looked like this (and yes, that is our red wagon in the background - try not to judge):
And since Chris had work to do, we weren't ready to get out and play in it until it was just about getting dark. So we decided to wait until Friday to play in the snow, since co-op was cancelled anyway. We got up yesterday and the snow was all still there, AND it was sunny! We hadn't seen the sun for so long. So we went out and enjoyed the snow day, and here's the proof:

Josh was so excited, he flung himself down in the snow, face first.
He loved his face full of snow.
 George immediately grabbed the sled.
 Blake was at least smart enough not to put his full face right into the snow.
 He made a snow angel instead.
Josh went right to work making a tiny snowman (in between bites of snow, that is).
Chris got in on the fun - snowball fight!
We decided to make some snow people. This is the his and hers set.
George made his even bigger than mine!
Blake made a teeny tiny one.
Jaz loves the snow. It brings out friskiness that we rarely see anymore, being that he's so old and gimpy. He didn't stay out the whole time, but he did have fun.
Our 13-year-old neighbor boy saw us having so much fun that he decided to come out and join us. More sledding and snowball fights ensued!
I made some colored water spray for the snow people, and used it to write Blake's name in the snow.

We had a great time out in the snow and sunshine, and once we were finished we came in and had some hot chocolate. We were thankful not to lose power, or get a vehicle stuck somewhere, and that we were all healthy enough to go out and enjoy the play time.