Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Goings On

It's been too long to jump in with a relevant post, so I will bullet point a few highlights of our lives at the moment. Then I will attempt yet again to get on a regular posting schedule. I have many retro posts to do, along with many current thoughts swimming around that might be nice to have documented. So here goes - our life at the moment, in snippet(ish) form:

  • Kindergarten is quickly coming to a close for George & Joshua, and there have been many firsts. And though the public school experience has overall been a positive one, we have decided to homeschool this next year. More to come on this topic.
  • We have currently gotten into Dave Ramsey, and are striving to become debt-free. More to come on this topic.
  • We are attempting an overhaul of our home organization. We want to be clutter-free and have a home that is easy to maintain. This coincides with the desire to homeschool. More to come on this topic.
Well, I suppose that covers the big areas. There is much more to be discussed, of course: weight loss goals, vacations taken, pictures of the kids, funny stories, etc., but now is not the time, as I must get ready to pick up the boys from school. I thought it would be good to get something down here though, as a baby step to getting the ball rolling again.

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